AMG International Guatemala

14 Calle 10-80, Zona 7, Col. La Verbena
Pais: Guatemala
Departamento: Guatemala
Municipio: Guatemala
Telefono: 2471 5730
Fecha de fundacion: 01-01-1976
Tiempo de Operar: -
Twitter: @AMGGuatemala
Pagina Web:
Instagram: @amgguatemala

Quienes somos?

AMG International Guatemala exists to provide a clear vision of the future for young people with barriers to development, through a network of 28 educational projects, healthcare centers, vocational services and other development programs. This is accomplished through the efforts of 550 dedicated Guatemalan workers, strong partnerships with local churches and other key actors. AMG's presence in 30 communities across the population belt of Guatemala makes it the perfect facilitator/partner in solid development work. Thousands of children face the overwhelming challenges that exist in urban slums and desperate rural communities. AMG works to keep children in their families and their own context by providing a safe place to learn, provision of basic needs and the loving assistance they need to overcome the threats that come from brokenness, violence, abuse, gang activity and lack of opportunity. Restoring young people to the image of God with purpose and vocation is our ultimate objective.

Que hacemos?

AMG Guatemala operates 30 schools and/or student formation centers, 2 vocational centers, an employment program (Coloca), a scholarship program, year-round christian camp, medical/dental clinics, a full-service hospital, agricultural program and farm and 2 recuperative nutrition centers.

Informacion General


Advance with compassion the command of Christ to evangelize and make disciples around the world through national workers and in partnership with like-minded Christians.